Not mass produced

Labour of love

Our bags are not picked by numbers from a catalogue, mass produced by enormous factories like so many you see on the market these days; instead, they are a real labour of love from start to finish, designed by us in London. Quality is so important to us that having this control over our products not only means they are of the highest standard but also individual.

As well as creating for our own Meg & Bee range, we hugely enjoy our bag design collaborations with charities and welcome all new opportunities that are fortunate enough to come our way – it is beyond exiting transforming these ideas into the finished products and raising money, thanks to you, our customers, to be donated to the specific charity.

 After our initial brainstorming by ‘just the two of us’ we produce rough sketches and CAD drawings which we supply to, and discuss with, our team in Spain, who, like us, are a woman only team.  We work closely with them and all our suppliers to religiously check colours, quality and standard of our
materials and finish products.

committed to quality

Hand Picked Detail

Our wonderful workshop is in Spain which is where all our leather is from.  The two of us personally handpick each and every leather you see on our bags. We match up our ink colours (which are expertly applied to all the exposed edges of our bags and leather straps) and choose all our zips and threads.  We design our hardware such as our Star Disc Zip pull (the mark of a Meg & Bee bag) and all our charms.  Every single component of our bags is to our own spec and a result of hours of colour matching and design.

Our aim is to keep our bags as simple as possible, hence, other than the Star Disc, and on some designs, the external embossed logo, they are perfectly plain, ready to be jazzed up by you or kept simple. This way you are more in control of how your bag looks – a blank canvas so to speak!  Our cotton ticking lining is generic through all our designs, along with our Star Disc, another mark of a Meg & Bee bag.

Contemporary or traditional

Designing straps

We have our straps made for us in both London and Asia.  Our London made straps are handmade exclusively for us by our incredibly talented ‘strap maker’, another lovely lady to add to our ‘all woman’ team.  We choose fabrics and webbings that work with our range of leathers and convert these into our wonderful handmade straps such as our Liberty, Best of British and Deckchair ranges.

We have two styles of straps made in Asia by our two suppliers; again, both women.  The first are straps woven specifically to our Pantone colours and designs and the second are those using webbing that is available on the open market but again, made exclusively for us. All our patterned straps have no leather ends which we feel influence the overall look of the strap, but instead, to keep in synergy with our entire range; we have our bespoke branded buckles and our star rivets; both the marks of a Meg & Bee strap.

looking to the future

Always evolving

Our range is constantly evolving and our diaries are never free; once we launch a new product we are onto to the next designs. We work our socks off but love every minute of it; after all, you can never have too many bags or straps!