Meg & Bee, Thelma & Louise, Batman & Robin –

What a great team!

So this is us, Meg and Bee and it is just the two of us😊.
Having met at ‘the school gates’ and both mothers of 3, we are great friends who decided one day, back in June 2018 that we were destined to start a bag company! And so, Meg & Bee was born! We LOVE our biz so much so that we often refer to as ‘our fourth child’! It really is!”
In 2018, following a break in Italy, Bee returned home with a bag she had bought and was inspired by the huge array of colours and leather available. This led to a glass of wine and a brainstorming session with Meg....and so, the foundations of Meg & Bee was born! Bee with her 25 year career in Interior Design and Meg with her interest in fashion and business, it felt like the perfect recipe for their exciting new bag venture!

and so it began...

The start of Meg & Bee!

So many times we’d spied that ‘must have bag’ only to discover the cost of it would be the same as that of a small car! So, our goal; to produce good quality products, designed by us, using bespoke materials but at an affordable price. And, to then accessorize them so our customers could make them ‘theirs’. We provide the components, you create the bag!

To make our brand unique, it was very important to us that our bags were not mass produced, picked by numbers from a catalogue but instead designed by us in London and lovingly made to all our specifications by our wonderful team in our small workshop in Southern Spain, in good working conditions. Handpicking our leathers, threads, zips and creating some of our own hardware meant our bags were unique to us and not available through anyone else.

We are constantly expanding our collections with the same excitement and enthusiasm as the day Meg & Bee was born. It is our absolute passion and we love nothing more than a ‘design day’ where we raid the samples, take out our sketch books and create.... And we thank each and every one of you for your continuous support and for the excitement you show when we launch something new; it honestly means the world to us.

ta it's your turn!

So, over to you.... bag, three straps or three bags one strap; crossbody or shoulder; belt bag or clutch; you decide! Add a charm, perhaps a tassel or two?! Whichever way you want to do it but most exciting thing of all is that you can make it yours!

We hope you love our brand as much as we do!
Love Meg & Bee Xxx”