Our wonderful workshop

We are so lucky to work with the most fabulous team in Spain who make our lovely bags. Our small workshop is filled with expert craftsmen and women who bring our designs to life with love and care. 

This area of Spain has an ancient history of working with leather and over half the town work in the leather industry, many of our workers have family histories with parents and grandparents working with leather,  it it literally in their DNA. Workshops and leather suppliers hide behind every door.  

Lidia,  our workshop manager,  runs the business with her husband.  Her father started working in the leather industry as a child learning and honing his trade until he was able to open his own workshop,  he passed his knowledge and skills to his daughter who now works with us creating our wonderful Meg & Bee bags.   Her team includes Mariana our seamstress whose expertise runs across the whole process of bag making and Manolo, the leather cutter, who was inspired to join the leather industry from watching his parents as a child.  Our workshop is filled with more stories of families and traditions and we love that we are adding to these stories with Meg & Bee.

We believe strongly in fair wages and good conditions, we know our workers personally and meet them when we visit and love that they take a huge pride in what they do.



Our chosen hides are stacked up waiting to be selected depending on which product our team are working on.


The 'knives' are produced to our design specifications and carefully labelled ready to 'cookie cutter' the various components for our bags.


A Navy Money Kit production line💕.

A Slouchy Tote coming to life!

From a 'salpa' (prototype) made out of recycled cardboard, the finished product in leather. Although they use machines to sew this is not a mass production facility but people using skills and expertise honed over years to hand finish our bags and wallets. 

All work and no play?

Our trips to Spain are always very full on as we have so much to cover in such a short amount of time. But, a fantastic moment at the end of our last trip was when one of our wonderful leather suppliers, Sebastien, very kindly invited us for his homemade paella - it was out of this world!!! The perks😁!

We are very proud of the strong, loyal relationships we have with all our suppliers and love working with them to bring all our exciting creations to life.