How it all started ........

Meg & Bee, Thelma & Louise, Batman & Robin - what a great team!

This is us, Meg and Bee - it's just the two of us!

We LOVE our biz - we are two mums who decided one day (back in June 2018) that we were destined to start a bag company!!! 

And so, Meg & Bee was born! 

So many times we have spied that 'must have' bag only to discover the cost of it would be the same as that of a small car!  

So, here they are, our beautiful, handcrafted leather bags, tassels and charms, all ready for you to create your own combos without the frightening price tag.  

We design our bags bit by bit, from the hand picked leathers, zips, inks and threads to our beautiful branded star disc zip pulls.

We design in London and our bags are made for us in our workshop in Spain in good working conditions by a truly brilliant team. 

So, over to you! ... One bag, three straps or three bags, one strap, crossbody, shoulder, belt bag or clutch, you decide - why not add a charm too?!

Or a different tassel - or two tassels, hmm, suede or leather?

Whichever way you want to do it but the most exciting thing of all is that you can make it yours!​  

We hope you love our brand as much as we do!!