How it all started ........

Meg & Bee, Thelma & Louise, Batman & Robin - what a great team!

We are so excited and have loved putting together this collection of beautiful and versatile leather bags all at an affordable price.  

So many times we have spied that 'must have' bag only to discover the cost of it would be the same as that of a small car!  So, here they are, the bang on trend bags you can customise and make your own without the frightening price tag.

We have snooped and sourced, sourced and snooped, designed and re-designed and have come up with this wonderful range all ready for you to customise!

One bag, three straps or three bags, one strap....whichever way you want to do it but the most exciting thing of all is that you can make it yours!​

We hope you love our bags as much as we do!!